Love is hard. It always will be.

Nothing is perfect, and it won’t ever be. But that’s not the point.
The point is that relationships are built by two people working together, looking past each others flaws and accepting them for all that they are. Good or bad. It’s the willingness to help each other to work on those flaws, and to help each other better themselves. Relationships are about being patient throughout the storm, so you can furthermore appreciate the calm that follows it. They are about having someone who doesn’t make you feel you need to better yourself, but make you WANT to better yourself more for them, not because you have too.
They are supposed to be built on trust, kindness, respect.
It can seem to be perfect in your eyes though, and that’s what you need. When you’re with someone, they should only pick you up when you’re kicked down. They should only motivate and inspire you.
In addition, people love differently. That is a fact. I for one, am a hopeless romantic. I view relationships differently than most people do. Is that a flaw? Not exactly. It merely means that I require someone in my life who thinks the way I do. This is one of the reasons as to why relationships are so difficult sometimes. Some people require another who thinks the way they do, and some require someone who thinks the complete opposite so they can have that equilibrium. It’s up to you to figure out what you need, that’s why dating exists. So you can figure out what type of person clicks well with your personality. It would be extremely convenient and easy for all of us, if we could find that person right away who we want to spend the rest of our lives with, but sadly it is not that easy. Instead, we have to constantly deal with heartbreak, betrayal, abuse. Over time, this repeated process causes us to become cynical. Then there is the whole new issue that you’ve been hurt so much, that you start changing into a different person or your fears start to overwhelm you and then it deters you from what you have been trying to accomplish all along.
A stable, healthy relationship. A life long partner.
But they are out there. Do not let the world make you cold, do not let it change you. Don’t lose hope because of a few (or many) bumps in the road. Life is all about trial and error. We can survive. We are strong.

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