I can’t even begin to explain to you, my excitement for when I can finally just get up and go; my excitement for finally being able to backpack across Europe, and to start my traveling journey. After all, that’s the main point of this blog.
For right now, I’m stuck in Wisconsin.
When I traveled to the Netherlands, I had felt completely renewed after my trip. As if this huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. My trip to Arizona had given me the same sense of feeling, and had given me hope that things can get better. The ability to just travel to a completely new area, even if it’s still in the same state, gives me a sense of euphoria that is nearly impossible to receive any other way.
There is beauty everywhere you go. A lot of times people are just too entrapped in their own little world, that they can’t see what’s around them; what’s near them. I was that way too, for awhile. However, I know that there is so much to see out there now, and I will not let life stop me from accomplishing this goal; no matter how hard or risk taking it is.
The architecture. The waterfalls. Seeing the sunlight pour through the canopy of the trees, in a forest isolated away from society. The different ways of life. Witnessing kindness that you never knew existed; given you hope for humanity once again. Conquering mountaintops and being able to look from a whole ‘nother view. The endless sea, beneath it…a whole different world. The drips of water from the leaves, and the countless noises of different life in the rainforest. Abandoned buildings that hold so many stories of a different life.
There is beauty everywhere.

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