Tips for getting Re-Inspired


Sometimes we all seem to lose our motivation. Whether it comes to one of our hobbies, work, a career you’re hoping to get, or just life in general appears to have gotten a little boring. These different tips are ways to revive that spark within you. I will continue to build on these as I discover them. 
1) Take a break. Sometimes that’s all you need.
2) Take a walk, go visit a new city, people watch. Sometimes you can get inspiration from things you witness or see.
3) Listen to some of your favorite songs. If you’re trying to find motivation/inspiration to draw or write again, maybe attempt to base something off of the song.
4) Meditate/Spend some time in your own head.
5) Just start scribbling/doodling.
6) When you go outside, take a camera with you and take some pictures. These can either give you ideas, or you can try drawing one or basing a story off of one.
7) Talk to others. Sometimes you can get inspiration from other people, even if they don’t do what you are doing.
8) Watch a new movie, or read a book.
9) Start a routine, sometimes that can really get you into the swing of things.
10) A lot of people get motivated throughout certain times of the day, find out what time is yours, and try to work around that if possible.
11) Silence your thoughts/surroundings. Often we are our harshest critic, or we get distracted by others. Focus, and don’t listen to those voices. Don’t stop halfway through, finish it!
12) Read other people’s stories. I got motivation in my life once by reading someone else’s adventures, and it urged me to create my own adventures!
13) Get rid of people in your life who limit you. The negative people in your life can have a huge impact on how you feel, how you feel about yourself, and how you feel about your talents and what you can do.
14) Have sex/masturbate. This might sound like a joke, but honestly sometimes when I’m in my darkest moments, this can relieve a lot of my emotion.
15) Make a scrapbook with different photos or postcards, or even of random clippings or words from magazines. You can come back to this later to come up with ideas.
16) If you are wanting to go back to college or chase after a career, talk to someone who is in it. Some people are more than willing to help you out and give you the information you seek! These people can give you more insight and possibly motivate you more to chase after your dream.
17) Reveal yourself in your artwork or writing, even the parts you don’t like.
18) Remember that not every single person will like your writing, or your drawing, or any other form of art. And that’s okay! You can’t please every one.
19) Be open to your surroundings, this can often help you create a place or a character.
20) Don’t always wait for a good idea to come to you. Just think of an average idea and start, no one even has to see it. An artist once said, “If I hadn’t made the works I’m ashamed of, the ones I’m proud of wouldn’t exist.”
21) Don’t restrict yourself to one form of art. If you’re a traditional (pencil) artist only, try painting for once.
22) Remember that art is everywhere.
23) Embrace new challenges.
24) Get lost in photos online.
25) Watch a TED video  to learn about inspiring ideas.
26) Search for things using the hashtag #inspiration on twitter or instagram.
27) Read blogs.

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