RibbonMaille/Scale Mail

I’m currently in the process of starting up my own business, where I will be creating RibbonMaille, and Scale Mail items.

I will post examples and prices here often.

Here is an example of a RibbonMaille Bracelet. Any color of ribbon or rings are accepted, and your choice of a pendant.

I am currently only selling these for 8$ (With Pendant) And 6$ without pendant.


If interested, please comment on the article or email me here.

Description: “Welcome to Insatiable Art!

(SM=Scale Mail)
Home of chainmail, ribbonmail, and scalemail items!
I will be selling these types of things in the future:
Scalemail flower necklaces,
SM bracelets,
SM necklaces,
SM Gloves,
SM Earrings,
SM Armor masks,
SM tie,
SM candle holder
Ribbon Maille bracelets
Ribbon mail NecklacesI will also possibly be working on random commissions for traditional work/digital work as I begin to grow, as well as random things such as “surprise mystery boxes” which will consist of random items.
Your purchases will go towards more supplies for me to grow my business, and a percentage to paying off my bills.
As I grow, I plan to donate a small percentage to zoos, humane societies, or to help out someone in desperate need.
I plan to expand my business in the future by learning leather working, and making leather accessories as well as other leather items.
Please be patient as my page and products grow, and I accept constructive criticism and positive reviews!”

5 thoughts on “RibbonMaille/Scale Mail

  1. Stacey Ann says:

    The bracelet is really cute and stylish! I’m sure they will sell well. I felt really good reading your post until I saw your comment about leather working. Sorry but leather, suede and other items taken from animals doesn’t sit well with me but I know to each their own..so I don’t mean to start anything just stating my opinion. Despite my feelings, I do wish you good luck in your business!


    1. raveinsatiable says:

      I will be using Faux leather for most of my products.

      My belief is however, if you are killing an animal for food, you mind as well use all of the animal rather than wasting a lot of it. So if I did use real leather I would be doing a lot of research into the company I am buying from.
      A woman I know, who is a vet, when an animal dies she doesn’t just dispose of the body, she sells the skulls and makes art of them.

      I’m a really big animal lover. So I’d be doing my research.

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      1. raveinsatiable says:

        It’s okay, I should’ve specified!Thank you for the articles though, now I can look into it more and educate myself more fully.
        I own a lot of chokers, but they’re all faux leather.
        I’m hoping maybe I can find a company that doesn’t just slaughter animals for their skin. Someone told me of one a few months ago but the name escapes me now. But I will use faux leather until then, and maybe even still.
        I just know real leather is better quality.
        I’m in a tough spot in my life right now, with a decent paying job, but I’m still super behind on bills, and I’d really like to go back to college. I’m doing my best to find things I can make and sell to hopefully make some extra income.

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