Travel List

-Backpack across Europe
-Visit Ireland
-Visit New Zealand
-Go to Greece
-Visit All 50 States
-Four Corners Monument

-Learn Leatherworking
-Learn how to make chain mail
-Eat a true italian meal in italy
-Go Riverrafting
-Write a book and get it published
-Sell a painting
-Learn to ride a motorcycle
-Go to Coachella
-Hike through a rainforest
-Visit a castle
-Work with Wolves
-Go Ziplining
-Go scuba diving
-Shoot a Bow
-Rent a cabin in the woods and be able to hear wolves howling
-Swim with dolphins
-Learn dutch
-Go to Comic Con
-Meet Dean and Sam from Supernatural
-Have at least 80% of my body tattooed
-See the Aurora Borealis in Alaska