Originally, it was never really my goal to fly to Arizona. Sometimes life just brings you in a completely different direction. The very first time I flew to Arizona was in April of 2015. I was set on chasing something that I should have left in the past, and that past led me to the lovely state of Arizona.

However, I do not regret this trip in the slightest. If anything, the emotional pain that brought me here in the first place, was nothing compared to the happiness that Arizona brought me. It also inspired me to do more traveling. Life is all about taking risks and learning from them! I ended up taking a second trip to Arizona in September.

My first trip to Arizona, was the very first time I was able to meet some of my online friends. Unsure if my original plans were to work out, I made a backup one. I had an online female friend, who led me to a (now) mutual friend of ours. I ended up staying with this mutual friend in a hotel for 7 days! He was my travel partner throughout the week I was there. This travel partner is now my boyfriend, who flew to Wisconsin to be with me. See? Life is full of surprises!

This was the first time flying by myself, and stepping off that plane was like walking into a heat wave. I wasn’t sweating just from the Arizona heat though! I had such high anxiety when I was in the Arizona airport all by myself, renting my first car.


My first plan of action was to meet my online friend Cheyenne. The traffic was heavy on my way to Peoria from the Airport; unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.I picked her up at her house and was able to meet her parents. Shortly after, I checked into my hotel. We ended up exchanging gifts and letters.


We went to the Phoenix Zoo, which was the largest zoo I’ve gotten to experience so far in my life time. I was able to touch a sting ray for the very first time, and I have to say, they are remarkable animals! A zookeeper ended up giving me a sting ray tooth souvenir, which I still keep nicely tucked away.

Shortly after that, Cheyenne and I went to Papago Park and did some hiking. We took a stroll through the park, and I took the time to just sit there and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Cheyenne, Brandon and I did a lot of adventuring. I think the silliest thing that happened throughout the whole trip, was that I had gathered from google that the Havasu Falls were actually in Lake Havasu City, which they were not. So Brandon and I ended up driving a few hours to Lake Havasu City in hopes of seeing Havasu Falls, until a nice tourist attraction vendor pointed us into the right direction. We found out that we were HOURS away from Havasu Falls, and the day was already half over. So we decided to make most out of our trip, and explore Lake Havasu City. I tried my very first “Del Taco”, as well as explored little shops along the shore line, and ended up swimming in the ice cold water.

I had a whole itinerary before I headed to Arizona, but sadly I could not accomplish a lot of what I wanted to do. However, I made the best of it! I couldn’t access the bars that I wanted to go to, because of the fact that Arizona had recently changed a law about their drivers license which I was not informed of. I also forgot to bring my passport, which would’ve helped me in that situation. Despite this misfortune, I had a friend of mine get me into a video game bar, which honestly was probably even better than the ones I wanted to go to.

Brandon and I did take another trip to the Grand Canyon, hoping to finally be able to witness Havasu Falls, but sadly we soon after discovered that Havasu Falls was either a 10 mile hike or an expensive helicopter trip away. I visited many different cities including Tempe, Peoria, Chandler, Phoenix, Glendale, and explored many different malls and little shops. Brandon even took me to one of his favorite coffee shops called Coffee Rush, which had one of the most delicious coffee’s I’ve ever had.
Brandon and I also went to the Arizona Canal in Scottsdale, Arizona. I wouldn’t exactly call it a waterfall, but it was still pretty gorgeous. 19208_987709917906914_1385383770150666606_n

The second time I took my trip to Arizona, my intent was strictly to hang out with the friends I made instead of sight-seeing. I got to see my friend’s band practice