All I wanted to do since I was 16 years old, was go to Europe.

My mother would constantly joke with me about having me hide her in my suitcase and bringing her with.
After I graduated, my mother passed away and I felt like I had lost a huge part of myself. I had little to no motivation and was just living day by day.
I was in college for awhile attempting to get a certification as a web designer, and then I saw an opportunity of a life time hanging on a billboard outside of classroom.
I know my eyes widened at the sight of it. I didn’t hesitate. I went into the classroom as fast as my feet could take me, and met Robin.
If I could somehow manage to get my passport, and access to about 500$ downpayment to reserve my spot, within a month, I could fulfill my dream of going to europe. The Netherlands, to be exact.
 I ended up that week trying to achieve a passport, scrounging up all the change I had to pay for it, then…awaiting for it in the mail, hoping it would come in time for my trip. I saved up all the money I could from my minimum wage job, and did little odd jobs here and there to earn cash.
I ended up pulling it all together just in time, and using my financial aid money to pay for the rest of it.
Probably should have saved it, or something …but I had tunnel vision. All I could see was Europe.
I got in touch with my host family and added them on facebook, and attempted to learn more about them. After all…I was staying with them for two weeks. For two weeks, I would be staying with strangers, sleeping in another bed that was not my own (which actually was rare for me, seeing as in my life time I’ve probably only ever slept in about 5 other peoples homes in my life time), and being in a country where I could not speak their language. I’d be leaving America.